Ilves shoes

Ilves shoes and boots are adapted for Scandinavian winters with cold, snow and ice. They are equipped with the OC anti-slip system,  where spikes are easily folded in or out as required. 
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OC anti-slip system

The OC system is a modern anti-slip solution with built-in spikes underneath the shoe. The spikes are easily folded in or out with a special key. In snowy, slushy, icy or slippery conditions, the OC system offers an immediate extra good and stable grip. The outsole is made by the leading Italian sole manufacturer Alpi. The sole is light and stable and withstands ground cold.

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Seasonal favourites

Warmly lined

Ilves boots with fold-out spikes are lined with lambswool or sheepskin. They keep your feet warm and are perfect for going between town and country.  

Fold-out spikes

Ilves boots equipped with fold-out spikes are perfect for winter walking as the spikes can easily be folded in or out as required. 

Grippy sole

Ilves boots are designed in Sweden and manufactured mainly in Portugal. The outsole withstands ground cold and is grippy even when you don’t have the spikes unfolded.